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WestTrans Travel Plans Annual Report 2008/09



Our annual report is now available for download below.


Foreword from Geoff Warren


Coordinating travel plans in West London is a challenging task.  The WestTrans team have to balance simplicity of process with encouraging real quality of outcome.  Otherwise organisations would not come on board and we would not be mitigating  environmental effects nor contributing to reducing congestion.


In West London, 2008/09 has been a good year for extending the reach of travel planning.  Information and support in the London travel plan sector has never been better.  There are well-developed support packages on offer from Transport for London (TfL) and published TfL guidance on Workplace and Residential Travel Plans.


WestTrans Travel Plans has been a major player in the development of iTRACE, the web-based tool used throughout London to develop and monitor school and workplace travel plans.  Records in iTRACE are now at a level whereby this tool can significantly contribute to the ability for monitoring progress and managing business and commuter travel. 


The current reduction in single-occupancy car use amongst the businesses WestTrans has worked with is currently at 17%, higher than the average 15% as reported in "The Essential Guide to Travel Planning".  This year's annual report introduces innovative approaches to travel planning and reveals the exemplary results we have achieved this year.



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Geoff Warren

Chair of WestTrans & Head of Transport Planning (Ealing Council)


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