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Measures - Private Car (Including Car Park Management)


  • Do not have reserved car parking spaces for specific staff - even senior staff, who should lead by example
  • Raise awareness of car ownership costs to the individual

Car Park Management

This can be the most controversial element of a Travel Plan.   In order to reduce the number of cars (especially single occupancy) entering the site, a detailed analysis of how the car park is managed is essential.

Things to consider

  • employee consultation - they will have many ideas which should be seriously considered;
  • develop a fair and equitable car park strategy - this should be based on a hierarchy of need
  • ensure there are incentives ('carrots') in place before implementing any planned restrictions on car parking; and
  • any revenues raised from car park charging should be used to subsidise or promote other modes of travel to work.

What others have done

  • introduce a set of qualifying criteria based on distance from workplace and need;
  • charge staff meeting the criteria for a parking permit;
  • offer Travelcards to those giving up their car parking space;
  • restrict car parking to essential car users only;
  • only allow staff to park 4 days a week;
  • Parking 'Cash Out' scheme - paying staff not to drive to work but recouping that payment for every time they do; and
  • provide dedicated car share spaces near the main entrance to the building.

REMEMBER - it costs a company to provide parking (approx £500 per space per year)


REMEMBER - if all staff travel by car only 4 days a week, the number of spaces required is 20% lower


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