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  • Post up-to-date local bus and train timetables on notice-boards and to links on your Intranet
  • Be flexible, where possible, about start and finish times if this enables use of public transport
  • Introduce a ticket purchasing scheme which enables staff to order their bus/tube/train ticket through the company

Public transport can provide a good alternative to the car for many commuter and business-related journeys, and there is much that organisations can do to encourage increased public transport use. 

Benefits of and barriers to the use of public transport


Advantages of travelling by public transport include: being able to relax, read and work; better access to traffic-restricted town centres; the cost of public transport use is often less than the real cost of the same journey by car; and there is no need to find a parking place.

Barriers to using public transport include: possible lack of services on desired routes; lack of knowledge about existing services; services are seen as slow, infrequent and unreliable; fears for safety when travelling at night; high fares; lack of connecting services; and a low status image.

What can an organisation do to increase public transport use?

  • improve public transport information (maps and timetables, national websites and journey planners);
  • financial incentives (interest-free loans, discounted passes / season tickets);
  • service improvements (alteration to bus times, relocation of bus stops, waiting facilities);
  • setting up organisation-run buses; and
  • other initiatives (Guaranteed Ride Home schemes, bus loyalty 'points' system, active promotion and dissemination of information).

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