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Measures - Quick Wins 

The following measures are possible 'quick wins':

Public Transport

  • Post up-to-date local bus and train timetables on notice-boards and to links on your Intranet
  • Be flexible, where possible, about work start and finish times if this enables use of public transport
  • Introduce a ticket purchasing scheme which enables staff to order their bus/tube/train ticket through the company


  • Support national initiatives to promote what you are doing, such as Bike to Work Week
  • If feasible, move cycle racks nearer to the main entrance. Show the cyclists you value them and make a statement to visitors
  • Offer a cycle allowance for business trips, and even a walking allowance


  • Promote the health aspects of walking and not using the car

Private Car

  • Do not have reserved car parking spaces for specific staff - even senior staff, who should lead by example
  • Raise awareness of car ownership costs to the individual

Business Travel 

  • Encourage meetings that are accessible (both venue and timing) via public transport
  • Do not provide petrol for personal mileage on company cars;
  • Review business mileage for the past six or 12 months and set targets for reduction, with a prize for the winning individual/ department;

Other measures

  • Identify staff whose work would be particularly suitable for homeworking and who would be willing to try it
  • Monitor the use of tele-conferencing or video-conferencing and calculate the number of miles and time saved by having a log book available.


  • Promote walking and cycling using information supplied from the local authority. Post it on notice-boards and on the Intranet
  • Make use of all your internal communications systems, newsletters, Intranet, e-mails, posters, cascade briefings, monthly reports to raise awareness
  • Encourage participation in the initiative you are promoting through a leaflet in payslips

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