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WestTrans has a number of benefit schemes to support organisation in developing their travel plans. Click on the links below to find out more


Awards & Recognition Scheme

 The WestTrans Travel Plan Accreditation Scheme makes it possible for your organisation to demonstrate the commitment it has made to reducing harmful emissions and congestion in West London


Awards Scheme


Bespoke Travel Information Leaflets

Order your own site specific travel leaflets with maps, bus routes, cycle parking facilities and walking time isochromes




WestTrans Take a Stand

 To assist you in provinging better facilities for cyclist we can provide cycle stand for your organisation 





  Dr Bike sessions

WestTrans arranges for organisations to receive a visit from the 'Dr Bike' team so that cyclists can receive free maintenance advice, and have minor problems with their bikes fixed.
Cycle training

WestTrans can arrange for organisations to receive free cycle proficiency training sessions. These sessions help those who want to start cycling to gain the skills and confidence necessary for making on-road trips.
Bike maintenance training

Organisations are encouraged to have

some member of staff trained on basic bike maintenance. This offer benefits the site as they have a cycle champion who can assist with basic bike checks and it is also a personal development achievement for the employee.


General Offerings

Organisations can access 'Expert Travel Planning advice', guidance and toolkits. WestTrans have various best practice case studies to enable organisations to build business cases to support their sustainable travel initiatives.

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