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About the Scheme

The WestTrans Travel Plan Accreditation Scheme makes it possible for your organisation to demonstrate the commitment it has made to reducing harmful emissions and congestion in West London.  Show your clients, competitors and stakeholders how you are doing your part through sustainable transport with this three tier scheme.



Assessment Criteria

To access the accreditation scheme, you must be developing a travel plan either voluntarily with WestTrans or as part of a development control obligation.  If you want to know more about travel plans, contact us (information on back page).  If you are already working with us to develop a travel plan for your organisation, your WestTrans sub-regional coordinator will automatically consider you signed up to the accreditation scheme.  As you progress in your plan and fulfil the criteria for each stage, your coordinator will issue your award.


Annual Voluntary Travel Plan Awards

To further acknowledge the dedication of individuals at organisations across West London, an annual awards ceremony will take place for all businesses currently at Ruby, Sapphire or Diamond standard.  Three very special awards will go to organisations who have proven to be particularly innovative, dedicated and successful in developing their travel plans.


  • 1. Travel Plan of the Year
    The organisation claiming this award will have demonstrated that their travel plan has achieved a substantial amount of staff moving away from private car use for their commute to work.  Their travel plan will be a consise working document which sets our their objectives, targets and action plan for promoting sustainable travel.
  • 2.  Travel Plan Coordinator of the Year
    The recipient of this award will be acting as travel plan coordinator for their organisation and has shown true commitment, dedication and enthusiasm for  promoting sustainable travel.  All coordinators are welcome to apply for this prestigious award.
  • 3. Travel Plan Initiative of the Year
    Travel Plan Initiative of the Year will be awarded to an organisation who has run a particularly innovative and successful campaign or event.  So be creative this year, travel doesn't have to be boring!

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