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Step 1. Eligibility

To be eligible for the 'WestTrans Take-a-Stand' scheme, your organisation must either already have a Travel Plan Strategy or be able to demonstrate that it is actively working towards producing one. More information about the scheme or on developing a travel plan can be found on our website : WestTrans Travel Plans



Step 2. Ordering

Orders should be submitted using the attached order form. You are required to provide photographic evidence of your site before the installed cycle stands as part of your application. Once the order has been processed by WestTrans, you will be informed of the delivery date. Application form can be found below.






Step 3. InstallationWestTrans simply provide the stands and arrange their delivery to an agreed location. Installation is the responsibility of the organisation to arrange and also to provide ongoing maintenance on the stands to ensure they are fit for use. See the Workplace Cycle Parking Guide document at the foot of the page for guidance on installing cycle parking. WestTrans accepts no liability for the stands. Please contact us (details on the application form) if you are having problems finding a contractor to install the stands.



Step 4. Evaluation & Commitment

We don't ask much from you in return for providing the stands. Simply that you provide a photograph of the stands once they have been installed (this must be within 3 months of delivery and preferably being used). The final stage of the process relates to your ability to demonstrate the added value that having the cycle stands has brought, through a commitment to regularly monitor their usage and supply us with the findings.

Further Information

TaS Application Form (.pdf, 239Kb)

FAQ (.pdf, 60Kb)

Workplace Cycle Parking Guide (.pdf, 3287Kb)

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