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Site Specific 'How to Get To' Leaflets

A key part of any travel plan is promoting the local transport routes in your area. Putting this information together can often be costly and resource intensive. To make this process easier, WestTrans has developed an online template so you can create your own 'How to get to' leaflets 


The templates are available in a range of sizes from pocket sized maps to A1 sized wall-charts, whatever the size of your organisation, you can now take advantage of this offering and encourage both your staff and visitors to travel  more sustainably.
 Travel Leaflets

How to Order your Leaflets

To get your site specific leaflets all you need to do is;

  • Click on this link and follow the steps.
  • Once you have ordered your maps you will receive an email to confirm the details and location to be shown on your leaflets.
  • Below is a user manual to guide you step by step through the process.  

If you have developed your travel plan voluntarily (not part of a planning permission or obligation) aside from the costs we've saved you in commissioning the mapping and leaflet templates, you may also be able to eceive a further  discount on printing costs, just drop us an email, westtranstravelplans@ealing.gov.uk

Organisations with travel plans developed as part of planning permission or obligations can also take advantage of the templates but will be expected to meet the costs of printing and any extra alterations outside of the normal template.


Interactive map

Click on the grey squares on the map to see examples of the leaflets created for sites across West London:


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